Frequently Asked Questions

Are they 'real' flowers?
Yes! I pride myself on hand selecting the highest grade of dried and preserved flowers. All products are natural, no artificial flowers or foliage is used.

Do I need to water my arrangement?
Nope, not at all!

How long will my arrangement last for?
Depending on flowers used in your arrangement, they can last anywhere from 1-5 years! Over time some fading and shedding will occur, but if taken care of you will be able to enjoy them for many years!

Can I provide me own vase for you to create an arrangement in?
Yes, absolutely. I do however ask for you to drop off the vase first to ensure I get the scale of the arrangement perfect for your vase.

Are dried flowers ok for people with allergies?
I would say, yes! In most cases it is the pollen or the strong fragrance that affects people. Dried flowers no longer have pollen or the strong scent of fresh flowers. So, the perfect solution for someone with allergies.

How do I care for my dried flowers?

  1. Keep them out of direct sunshine - This will avoid your flowers fading and delicate petals going crispy

  2. Keep them in a dry location - Dried flowers are not suitable in a room with high humidity and moisture i.e. a steamy bathroom. They will most likely droop or go mouldy

  3. Keep them out of the direct line of heaters or air-conditioning

  4. Dusting - Overtime if dust gathers, you can set your hairdryer on a low and cool setting. Hold the hairdryer at least 30cm away from the arrangement and work top to bottom.